A downloadable soundtrack

Grab the Book of Awakenings soundtrack in any of MP3, NSF, or FTM (FamiTracker) formats for your listening pleasure.

This music is made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license. We just ask that you tell us about any remixes you make or if you use any of the music in your own games so that we can enjoy them.  :D

Oak Thielbar - Composer

Install instructions


Unzip the MP3 files into the directory of your choice


Listen to all three tracks in one file with your favorite NSF player. Note that your NSF player must support the VRC6 expansion.

FTM (FamiTracker)

Open the file in Famitracker and remix away! 


BookOfAwakeningsSoundtrack-mp3.zip 8 MB
BookOfAwakeningsSoundtrack.nsf 8 kB
BookOfAwakeningsSoundtrack.ftm 14 kB

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